M-Care - solution for safe hotels

Achieve successful season by offering effective protection from coronavirus.

The health of hotel guests and staff is a top priority for all hotels and campsites that aim to have a successful season during the covid-19 pandemic. In most cases, that requires setting higher standards regarding disinfection of rooms and all of the hotel’s premises, reception area, as well as defining new protocols relating to proper use of hotel facilities, such as saunas, restaurants and similar. Most desirably, these types of epidemiological measures need to be unobtrusive in nature, so that your hotel can guarantee a pleasant stay and guests can feel comfortable at all times.

M-Care - An advanced solution for 'COVID-19 free hotels'

M-Care is an advanced device or a system intended for non-contact hands disinfection. M-Care measures hand wrist temperature and has the silent alarm option once elevated body temperatures are detected, inclusive of the camera option.

While the M-Care system is placed at the hotel entrances or reception area, an additional two or more M-Care devices can be interconnect together using a web interface. This provides the possibility of monitoring the entire system, such as disinfectant solution tank container level, elevated body temperature and more.  


Large and advanced disinfectant tank container

Frequent hand disinfection, especially at the hotel main entrance, is very important in terms of containing virus infection. M-Care has a 2.5 L large disinfectant tank container which is enough for a minimum of 5000 disinfections. More importantly, it has a display indicating the percentage of the tank fulness level. M-Care system also has a counter that records how many times the hand dispenser has been used since the last filling of the tank container, as well as the total number use.

0 L
Size of the disinfectant tank container
Minimum of 5000 disinfections

Wrist temperature measurement sensor

Surely, measuring body temperature is not a favourite activity during anyone’s vacation or holiday. M-Care temperature measurement feature is discreet. It measures the temperature at the hand level, more precisely hand wrist. Technology being used is considered far more reliable than thermal cameras.

There is an option to install a mini camera enabling the capture of face images, which is activated in case elevated body temperature values are detected.

In addition, being able to measure body temperature in hotels is one of the most important criteria that can declare your hotel as ‘safe’ and is already an option that guests are very much looking for, according to https://safetravelbarometer.com/


Monitoring the epidemiological situation via web application

Several M-Care devices can be connected to the system through a network module. This enables real-time monitoring of values and statistics through a web application.

M-Care systems have the option of adding a mini camera that sends a silent alarm with a photo when elevated body temperature values are detected.

Possibility of branding

M-Care casing is made of high-quality stainless steel resistant to external conditions. M-Care's skin can be fully customized to suit your brand identity.

Device dimensions are 1399x300x399 mm. The weight is 35 kg.

M-Care complies with the essential requirements of the relevant EU legislation. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive 2014/30/EU and The Low Voltage (LVD) directive 2014/35/EU.

Here you can download the EMC certificate and LVD certificate. 


This season guests will choose "safe hotels"

M-Care is designed and manufactured in Croatia. Our team of experts will adapt the M-Care system to your hotel needs in order to meet all of the requirements that will declare your hotel as a 'safe hotel' - without having to take extra care, hire additional staff or indiscreetly disturbing your guests during their stay! 

M-Care devices and systems have been implemented in more than 200 locations throughout Croatia and the EU

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